Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Greenberg


Jonathan Greenberg

Office Location

 7130 Scott Hall

Position Title

Third year student in the Ph.D. program


  B.S. in Psychology from the University of Arizona

Research Interests

 My research interests include efficaciously investigating variation in microbial communities within the female reproductive system during pregnancy. My projects are focused on evaluating the presence of a microbiome within the urinary tract and the placenta through collaboration with the Perinatal Research Branch, and in evaluating responses of vaginal epithelial cells to vaginal symbionts. I am also involved in several animal projects investigating the role of microbiota in modulating behavior and chemical signaling. More generally, my interests include bioinformatics and utilization of tools for the analysis of large datasets, especially within microbiome research. Additionally, I am a certified software carpentry instructor and an intramural volleyball player.

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Theis